What does the bey point card do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Bey Point Card is like a Bey Pointer. The card is like a bank card as it holds information each time it is put in a machine. In Japan only, there are machines called Gan Gan Hobby machines. They are Beyblade arcade games so each time you win a game, you insert your Bey Point Card and the machine will transer points into the card. If you don't live in Japan, it's best to keep the card anyway for display and to keep in your launcher grip, also to put Level Stickers on that sometimes come with Limited Edition beys.

Level Stickers are tiny stickers that are put on your Bey Point Card. Each Level represents how many points you have. If you show a Bey Tournament guy your Level Sticker/s, then you get a prize once only. Here's what you get for points:

- Level 1: [1000 points] (Nothing)

- Level 2: [3000 points] Green Pegasis Face

- Level 3: [6000 points] (Nothing)

- Level 4: [12000 points] (Nothing)

- Level 5: [20000 points] WBBA Bronze Face

- Level 6: [40000 points] (Nothing)

- Level 7: [60000 points] WBBA Silver Face

- Level 8: [80000 points] (Nothing)

- Level 9: [100000 points] (Nothing)

- Level 10: [120000 points] WBBA Gold Face & Mercury Anubis 85XF Legend Ver.

I hope you didn't fall asleep reading my essay. :)

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Q: What does the bey point card do?
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