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1 DSi point is worth one cent so the card will cost $20.00 (CAD/USD)

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Q: How much does a DSI points card that has 2000 points cost?
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How much does a 2000 wii points card cost?


How much does is a for 2000 points card for DSi?

it cost $19.96 at most wal-mart stores

How much do points cost?

It will vary how much points you want. 2000 points cost 20 dollars, 5000 cost 50 dollars and so on. (2000 points and 5000 points were just an example).

How much does a Nintendo DSi Points card cost?

A Dsi and wii card together costs about $20.00 in Canada and gives you 2000 points to use in wii shop channel and Dsi shop channel!

How much does a Nintendo points card cost?

It cost about $10-149 and 99cents

How much money does it cost to download a DSiWare game?

DSiWare games typically cost between 200 and 1200 points. The cost of Nintendo points cards vary depending on what region you're from. In the UK, a 1000 point card costs about £8. In the US, a 2000 point card costs $10.

How much do wii point cards cost?

On average, $19.99 for 2000 Wii Points.

How much does it cost to put 50 points on a Dave busters power card?

4 bucks

How much does 1500 Wii points cost?

you can't buy that it eighther has to be a $10 dollar card or a $20 dollar card because 1500 points would be $15 dollars and there isn't a card like that.

How much do WeeWorld cards cost and how many points do they give you?

All i know is that $10 weeworld cash card is 5,000 weeworld points

How much are redeem cards for XBOX?

Well, it depends on what ur buying. For example: a 1600 Microsoft points card cost $20.00 and a 4000 Microsoft poins card cost $50.00.

How much does an xbox 360 live points card cost?

An Xbox 360 Live points card varies in price depending on how many points you wish to purchase. For example 800 points costs around å£7 where as 4200 points costs around å£35.