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I dont know about your school, but typically, a beta secretary is all about organization. They keep records of Beta such as how many points each Beta Member has. Who are all the members?? Who attended the last meeting we had? Is she still in beta?? -- it will be your job to answer those questions!

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Q: What does the beta club secretary do?
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What is a Club Penguin beta account?

a beta is a club penguin account that has the beta hat from 2005

When was National Beta Club created?

National Beta Club was created in 1934.

Is Justin Bieber in Beta Club?

No, because you have to go to public school to be in beta club!

Are there any beta games?

no. there is not any beta games on club penguin.

What does In Beta Testing mean?

What? a beta tester? I think means they tried out club penguin when it was beta (When it first opened)

Free Club Penguin beta passwords?

Club Penguin beta passwords are only for the people who created those accounts. If you try to hack their passwords you may be banned by Club Penguin.

Club Penguin beta team?

you cant get a hat but this week you can click the beta at the top of the screen and click beta team.

What is Beta Club about?

its about doing community service

Was Millard Fuller in Beta Club?

yes, he was

How do you get the beta hat on Club Penguin?

Nobody can get it anymore without hacking. It was available at the beta party. That took place at the begining of Club Penguin. Sorry.

Does a club secretary have a vote?

This depends upon the club's bylaws. If all members have a vote and the secretary is a member, then the secretary should have a vote. If only certain members have a vote, then the secretary may or not be among the voting members.

How do you get a beta hat on Club Penguin?

When Club Penguin was made they had a beta party to celebrate the opening of Club Penguin. Like party hats at anniversaries you can only get them once so you could only get then if you were around when Club Penguin started.