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(Example) You have a silk touch iron pick and your in a cave. You find diamonds and mine them, but instead of diamonds, you get diamond ore!

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Q: What does silk touch do in minecraft?
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How do you get silk touch in minecraft pe?

You can't enchant stuff in PE.

Can you mine ice in Minecraft?

No. You can break it and it will turn into water.

What are all the enchantments for a diamond pickaxe in minecraft?

Efficiency, Silk Touch, Unbreaking and Fortune.

How do you get a mob spawner in Minecraft?

You can get a mob spawner in Minecraft by using any pickaxe (except wood) with Silk Touch 1 enchantment or by spawning it in (Dec:52).

Can you get diamond ore using a wooden silk touch pickaxe in Minecraft?

No, the pickaxe needs to be at least iron to mine the diamond.

How do you make dirt with grass in minecraft?

The previous information was incorrect, so here is what you can do. Minecraft has an enchanting system, and at level 28 of the enchantment table, your pickaxe or shovel will turn into Silk Touch if you enchant at level 28. Go outside, or where grass is, and harvest the grass with the pickaxe - yes, the pickaxe (with silk touch)! This will give you the grass block.

How do you mine ice in minecraft?

You need to have the Silk Touch enchantment on your pickaxe, to be able to mine certain blocks instead of destroying them. With Silk Touch you can mine Ice, mine things like Diamond Ore instead of Diamonds, blocks of dirt with grass on already, etc.

How much xp orbs do you need for silk touch on Minecraft?

Actually you don't need more than 20. Minecraft enchanting is all luck, you can actually get every natural enchantment on a pickaxe with level 25.

Where can you get stone in Minecraft?

stone can be found underground. you can get stone by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. you can get cobblestone from mining stone, but when you mine stone with the silk touch enchantment you get stone

Is silk warm?

Warm to the touch-no.

Which of two silk or wool smooth to touch?

Silk is smoother than wool.

How do you get new worlds on the minecraft WE on your ipod touch?

you link it to your minecraft account