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It means that, as you are trying to connect to a server, the server is not responding, after a minuet or so it will show this message. This could mean the server is offline or that your connection to the internet is poor. (Or the server host's connection to the internet is poor.

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Q: What does read timed out mean in minecraft?
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What does it mean when it says server has timed out in Minecraft?

it means the server has gone down such as minecraft server has crashed or the server owner has lost Internet connection

How can you fix the connection timed out error on multiplayer minecraft?

Close minecraft and then reopen it. Repeat until working.

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When I try to play Minecraft it keeps saying Failed to connect to server Exception Connection timed out no further information. Why does that keep coming up.?

Try relogging.

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What does connection time out mean in minecraft?

It means the server is iether down,reloading or the server creator hasn't port forwarded the server It means that the set timeout time in the java code of minecraft is less time than it took to connect to the server meaning the connection has 'timed out' this is because the server has been unresponsive for more then said amount of time.