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Q: What does profile address mean on xbox?
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What if you delete your xbox live profile?

You go on download profile and type in the email address and the password for the email address which you used on the account

What is the number next to your xbox 360 profile mean?

The number next to your profile is the number of years that profile has been on xbox live.

Can you use your Xbox and Xbox live at another address?

Yes... you can use your Xbox if you take it to your friends house. You can also use your profile on his Xbox uses the Recover gamertag option of on the 2011 xbox the Download Profile option.

How can you delete your Gamer profile for Xbox without an Xbox?

Simply go to and type in the email address linked with the gamertag.

How do you xbox 360 profile?

If you mean how do you create a profile then you must create an account on the console. Then you can go to your dashboard to create the profile

How do you get online achievements on your regular Xbox profile?

you can get online achievements by going online and getting them. But you cant get them offline or when your connected to Xbox LIVE, what do you mean by regular xbox profile though do you mean before new xbox experience because its kind of the same thing

Can you make a character in xbox Kinect?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean your profile character, then yes.

If you download a DLC to a Xbox live profile can it also do the same thing to a non Xbox live profile?

yes, you can play DLC that was downloaded on a Xbox LIVE profile and play it on a non Xbox LIVE profile

What does profile address mean?

It means you have your own address for facebook and things like that

Can you get Xbox love on a chiped Xbox?

Yes, But Microsoft are 80% likely to notice you have got a chipped xbox and will ban you from xbox live on that account and xbox resulting in getting a new (Unchipped) xbox and making a new profile on a different email address :(.

Can you add a non Xbox 360 live profile to a current Xbox 360 profile?