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a blue Kirby with white eyes. he freaks out when Kirby removes his mask and leaves.

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2016-01-08 14:50:38
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Q: What does meta knight look like without a mask?
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What does meta knights face look like without his mask?

without his mask Meta Knight looks just like a blue Kirby

What does meta knight look like unmasked?

His eyes are silver and I have proof for this. Kirby's eyes are blue right? When he puts the mask on his eyes are green. So when Meta Knight puts the mask on, his eyes are yellow. So without the mask his eyes must be silver.

What does Corey Taylor look like?

without the mask. and with the mask

What does robin look like without his mask on?


What does masterchief look like without his mask?

No one knows they never show what he looks like without a mask. And they probably wont show you.

What does meta knight look like without his mask and stuff?

Surprisingly, he looks JUST LIKE KIRBY! Exept he is blue and has purple feets. Also he's got the little dot on each cheek like Kirby does exept Meta Knight's are white.

What does sincara look like without his mask?

Zack rider

What does bane look like without the mask?

Tom Hardy

How does the wrestler ray look like without his mask on?

very young

What does meta knight look like?

Meta Knight is basically a blue Kirby with white eyes without his mask. When his mask is on it has a yellow tint so it makes his eyes appear yellow. He also wears a navy blue cape and purple shoes and has a shiny golden sword. SHINY!You can see Meta Knight without his mask in Kirby Super Star Ultra in a level that is like a tournament if you defeat him his mask falls and after a few seconds he leaves hope this helped.He also reveals his identity if Kirby squeak squad, when you defeat him in the watery area in the boss stage, it falls off and he panics and leaves, so look quick!

What does reymysterio look like without the mask?

he looks kind of like a little kid

How does meta knight look without his mask?

Without the mask, Meta Knight looks like a blue Kirby with Shoulder Pauldrons, a cape, and a sword. Only unlike Kirby, his eyes are all white. yup, no color at all. Although, he is often depicted blushing like Kirby. Sometimes the blush is white, and other times it's pink. Meta Knight's mask gives the wearer's eyes a yellow tint, so that's why his eyes are yellow when he wears the mask, and Kirby's eyes are green when he wears it in SSBB. (Kirby has blue eyes, and blue+yellow=green)

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