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If it doesnt come on and you have 3 lights flashing you have red light of death

what happend was you xbox overheated and it melted the CPU chip on your board, well didnt melt the chip but the solder around it there for it made soldering bridge connecting by melting 2 different component slots of solder into 1 so you will have to take it apart and resolder it. Or you can send it to Microsoft and they can fix it for ya for some $$$ out of your pocket but mostly they just give you new one and you loose all you data and saves so i did mine my self.

You tube has guy named gilski he shows how to fix ps3 and xbox red and yellow lights of deathare failure most commonly caused by overheating.

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Q: What does it mean when your xbox 360 flashes 3 red lights?
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What do the ring of lights mean on an Xbox 360?

it means you played it too much turn it off and turn it back on

Your xbox 360 wont boot up. the ring of lights around the on button flashes red?

your av connection has broken so it genraley means you need a new one ring xbox and ask them thay should send you a new one

Your xbox 360 got 2 red lights so you bought a new one can you use your old hardrive for your new one without getting the new xobx 360 2 red lights?

Two red lights mean that the Xbox 360 is overheating. This is not caused by the hard drive but more likely by the location that the xbox is in, or if it was run for an overly extended period of time. The hard drive is still usable and can be safely used on the new xbox.

What do you do when your xbox 360 has three red lights around the power button?

get a new xbox (its dead)

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