What does it mean when your Wii is Bricked?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it means your wii console is therefore broken beyond repair

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Q: What does it mean when your Wii is Bricked?
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Can hacking your Wii hurt it?

yes, if it is improperly cracked then your wii will become "Bricked" Bricked means that your wii now has the functionality of a $300 brick

My wad is installed but not on the wii menu how can i fix this?

There is no fix for this, you bricked your wii.. this is a recent discovery while installing injected VC games

Is a pirated Wii as durable as the real Wii?

No a "pirated" wii is not as durable as a "real" wii. The reason is because a "pirated" wii can get "bricked" or it can stop working all together. If your looking for a hacked wii I would not suggest it. Go with the "real" wii. :)

What does it mean when your iPod is bricked?

A "bricked" means that the iPod is beyond repairing with the windows iPod restore tool.

Chances of your wii being bricked by homebrew channel if you have update 3.1?

0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001% if you leave the system files alone

How do you know when you brick a wii?

when a site like is not gone to, there's a pretty good chance that your wii is bricked right now. buy another, and remember to treat it with care and respect. :)

What is unbrick and bricked for the PSP mean?

a "bricked" psp means the psp does not have the correct files to boot up properly a bricked psp wont do anything when you turn it on to "unbrick" is to put the correct files on the PSP without it booting up normally

Can you trade in broken consoles?

Sell your broken here. Instant $10 offer, seller is responsible for shipping. -No bricked Wii's allowed -Working Disc drive preferred

If you have the homebrew channel will the new Nintendo channel update brick your wii?

No, it does not do annything besides update the Nintendo Channel. I have both, and my wii is not bricked.

How has the Wii?

Well i have a wii, if you mean who made the wii Nintendo did.

get bricked up?

she is turning you on

How do you fix a bricked jailbroken iPhone 4 with ios 6?

If it's bricked it has to be restored by Apple to factory settings.