Is Ghost Gaz

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think he lives because:

1.Ghost is the only person that calls Cpt. Mactavish "soap".

2.If you hack cod4 you see that he gets shot in the elbow.

3.Plus, when your get put on the bed, he smiles, puts on a helmet, and crawls to cover.

4.In a interview, the actor that plays Gaz says in mw2 that he wants to improve his character, which means hes still alive.

5. They call Gaz Ghost because he comes back from the "dead".

6. They only put a helmet on Ghost because thay don't want you find out that he really is Gaz.

7.All you people saying that Infinity Ward confirmed his death, how did you get contact wth them.


In the beginning of cod4 during the "training" session, price mentions that

Gaz held the squad record with 19 seconds. This shows us that this guy was always fast in these kind of courses. So when we jump to the training mission visversa session, if you stay back in the pit, you can hear corporal Dunn talking to the other units, saying " Yeah man, I saw this guy with a ski mask that had a skull painted on it," (description of ghost) "18.28!"(the time) again, fast in the course. And now most of you are saying that all this doesnt matter because ghost got killed in "Loose Ends", but I have yet another theory. In beginning of loose ends the very first thing you hear is toad and archer (the snipers) say "Snipers in position." and then later you hear them say "Hold on, I'm displacing. You're gonna be without sniper support for 30 seconds." infity ward doesn't want you to forget about toad and archer. Why? Because by the time TF141 reaches the LZ, snipers are still active. Since ghost was shot on the RIGHT side of the chest and little gas was poured on him, he COULD have survived. So then the sniper team crawled up to ghost and roach, (having the fire and smoke catch there attention) saw that ghost was still alive, and called the TF141 for help and the team back to base, stitch up ghost or gaz or whoever the hell this dude is that wears a ski mask with a skull painted on it. nuff sed. PEACE

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No, they just have the same voice actor (Craig Fairbass). It is possible that they could be somehow related.

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Actually its no cause Gaz death was confirmed and Ghost jaw is different than Gaz's. They confirmed he died but they never said they brought him back.

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Q: Is Ghost Gaz
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Who is ghost from MW2?

More than likely, it was Gaz. He was basically shot in the face at the end of MW2, which would explain why he wears that mask. Also, they have to same voice actor. Yes this is very likely. In mw2 Ghost died however infinity ward stated that he sort of wasn't. Perhaps he will come in as a younger person, or the same voice actor will do another character.

Does gaz live in call of duty modern warfare 2?

No, he doesn't. If you look really closely in 'Game Over' (in COD 4), at the end of the level, Gaz is the first person Zakhaev shoots.

Does gaz die in Call of Duty four?

Nope, he doesnt die at all I personally saw a frag explode next to him, what he did after the blew up? was just stand up and run yes he does at the end the bad guys shot him in the head Gaz, Captain Price, And Griggs Die In the end of the game. Although there is no comfirmation to this... you can tell because Zachaev Shot Him Right In The Head. Griggs Got Shot In the throat/chest when he was pulling Soap. And When You Were Getting Lifted on To the carrying thing you could see them doing First Aid And It Looks Like He was dead. Now that's where your wrong, sure Gaz gets shot but,he didn't get shot in the head it was his neck and Price didn't die.Sadly Griggs did die in monder warfare 2 Gaz is Ghost and price was a prisner for Makorv but sure enough they save him. So that pretty much all you need to know

What is super-effective against ghost?

Ghost and Dark.

Is gaz in call of duty 4 still alive?

no because in "gameover" zakeav shoots him in the face with a silver plated desert eagle

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Who is Ghost in MW2?

Ghost, In my opinion, was put in the game to replace Gaz, but NO ONE can replace Gaz ghost is said to be gaz. that is why his name is ghost. everyone thinks hes dead. they have the same voice same thats what i think but gaz is NOT REPLACEABLE but ghost and gaz are the same so really gaz was not replaced

Is Gaz on Call of Duty MW2?

yes I thinks hes Ghost

Does Ghost wear a mask to cover his wound from the first modern warfare?

Ghost was not in the first modern warfare. You may be referring him as Gaz because of the same voice. Gaz had a bullet pierce his brain and died. Infinity Ward received emails stating that Gaz should not have died so they used the same voice for Ghost. Which ironically, died too.

Did Ghost Know Gaz in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

It's possible, but I doubt it. I actually think that Gaz IS Ghost. I heard a lot of rumors, and I believe them. I guess we'll all find out in Modern Warfare 3.

Will ghost from MW2 will be in another game?

most of you guys might be sad about this but ghost will not be in another call of duty. But you guys should know that ghost is actually Gaz from COD4.

Is gaz in mw2?

Whatever the last post was, it's wrong. Gaz is Ghost because if you watched the ending in MW1, It shows that he got shot in the head, but if you watched it from a different view, it looks like he got shot in the back of the head thus breaking his jaw. That's the reason as to why he is wearing his mask of a skeleton. There are also other reasons why: 1- At the London premiere of MW2, Craig Fairbass, voice of Gaz, said " When I got to California to meet with the guys, they said they wanted to improve my character more. So they wanted me to play Ghost." He was referring to improving Gaz! 2-Gaz and Ghost are both from the SAS 3-Ghost referred to Captain Mactavish as "Soap" in MW2. Every other squad member was confused to the identity of Soap, proving Ghost worked with Mactavish when he was referred to as Soap. 4-Ghost admitted to working with both Price and Soap in the past, just like Gaz. 5-It's rumored that in MW1 on the airlift stretcher, if you look in the direction of Gaz, it's said you can see him get up, put a helmet on, and crawl for cover. 6-Infinity Ward wouldn't get rid of a popular character like Gaz, just maybe change his identity! (another guys answer) John: Well my answer is NO! Because Ghost is actually Lieutenant Simon Riley and he just doesn't want his identity to be reaveld after an accident with his family.

How many Gaz will come in one Acre?

gaz is nothing but Square Yard. 1 Acre = 4840 gaz (220 gaz long and 22 gaz wide)

Is ghost is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gaz in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

No because when you (Roach) collected all of the files in the log cabin and you run to the chopper Shepard shoots you in the head an he does the same thing to ghost then the soldiers cover you in petrol and burn you

When was GAZ created?

GAZ was created in 1932.

Do gaz and captain price suvive in call of duty 5 modern warfare?

First of all, its call of duty 4 modern warfare, not 5. Anyways, yes. At the end they appear to be dead, but they are both in mw2. captain price is found in the gulag, and gaz is ghost.

How tall is Gaz Elliott?

Gaz Elliott is 6'.

Is Gaz Ghost in Modern Warfare 2?

Actually that was the first thing i noticed when i started playing mw2 from mw1. so yea i guess, but it would make sense cuz he wore a mask in mw2. also, he was soap's "buddy" in mw2, kinda like gaz was in mw1. i guess infinity ward did that on purpose to target sumthin like this.