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If it doesnt come on it might have red light of death

what happend was you xbox overheated and it melted the CPU chip on your board, well didnt melt the chip but the solder around it there for it made soldering bridge connecting by melting 2 different component slots of solder into 1 so you will have to take it apart and resolder it. Or you can send it to Microsoft and they can fix it for ya for some $$$ out of your pocket but mostly they just give you new one and you loose all you data and saves so i did mine my self.

You tube has guy named gilski he shows how to fix ps3 and xbox red and yellow lights of death

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Q: What does it mean when the light on the xbox 360 is red?
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What does it mean when the lower right hand red light goes on on the xbox 360?

The red ring means your Xbox has encountered an error or it has been hacked.

What does a blinking red light on the xbox 360 mean?

It means theres an error when it happens just reset (turn xbox 360 of and on again) or if it still does it there mite be something wrong with wires etc.... =)

Do the new Xbox's 360 get the red light of death?

you can get the red ring on any type of xbox 360. do not leave it on all night or u will find out the hard way.

How do you fix your xbox 360 when it shows a red light?

You have to mail it to the Microsoft xbox 360 corporation. Unless you know some Guinness that can fix it.

What does it mean when your xbox 360 has 2 red lights and an amber light on the power brick?

that means you got two of the four parts of the red ring of death

What does a red light mean on the Xbox 360?

A single red light or "Red Ring of Death" means that your console is not securely plugged into it's power supply (The gray rectangle box) or an electric outlet. If you have an E74 Error Code then your Xbox 360 console needs service, if your console still has a warranty on it you can get it repaired for free on

Which get the red light of death most frquently xbo360 or ps3?

Of course the xbox 360

On xbox 360 what does two rings that are red mean?

Your cords in the back are not connected well or your XBox is dieing.

What does it mean when your xbox 360 turns red?

it means somthing is not plugged in well

Should they change red ring of death to just red ring?

It depends what you mean: If you mean should people refer to it as just 'red ring', then the answer is no, as it doesn't emphasise the way that it causes the Xbox to effectivfely 'die', meaning that it is no longer usable. Additionally, 'red ring' may be referring to the way that all four lights light up red when the output is not connected to any device (e.g. the Xbox 360 is not plugged into a TV). If you are asking whether Microsoft should stop the red ring from causing the Xbox 360 to stop working, you have been misinformed. The red ring doesn't actually cause the Xbox 360 to break. Instead it is a side-effect or a warning message as a result of a problem with the Xbox 360.

Can you purchase red dead redemption for xbox 360?

Yes. You can get it for Xbox 360 and PS3.

How do you get red dead redemption demo on xbox 360?

It's not available for Xbox 360