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it means that they are unavailable for the time being....they will be on later!!

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Q: What does it mean if someone is offline?
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How do you know if a person is offline or only appearing offline on facebook?

if someone post something and it says there offline that means there chat is offline

What is an offline game?

an offline game is when someone uses the game and it doesnt work

What does the half moon mean when someone chatting on facebook?

Someone is on facebook but chooses to go offline. All messages sent to this person will go to their inbox. To go offline, click the chat widget in the lower right hand corner of your browser. When it pops up, move your cursor up to "Settings" and click on it. Click "Go Offline."

How can you find out if someone is offline or just appearing offline on Facebook?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. People make themselves offline on purpose for privacy reasons.

How do you know if someone online on Skype but appear offline?

On my Windows Live Messenger, if you talk to someone who is truly offline, the time appears alongside your screen name in the chat box whenever you type and send something. When someone is 'Appearing Offline' the time is NOT shown.Hope this helpsthat helps a lot thx!

What does ligning mean?


When someone goes offline what are they doing?

There is no way to know.

What does hors ligne mean?


What does mine craft is offline mean?

you are playing minecraft offline so you cant play multiplayer

What is offline examination?

When I was teaching, I used the term offline to mean not online, but in the classroom. Therefore, you should expect your offline examination to be done in person, not on the internet.

What does hidintheshadows on Facebook mean?

appear offline

How do you appear offline to someone on msn?

You cannot appear offline to one person unless you block them.You can only appear offline to every contact on your Windows Live Messenger, by simply clicking on your name than click on Appear Offline