What does growlith evolve into?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Arcanine only when exposed to a fire stone.

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Q: What does growlith evolve into?
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Is it better to train growlith or evolve it into arkanine?

you should train growlith until it learns flame wheel, then evolve it.

How does growlith evolve in Pokemon hg?

Growlithe will evolve when you use a fire stone on it.

When does growlith evolve on Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

Fire Stone

How do you evolve growlith to Arcanine in Pokemon Gold?

you use a firestone on it

Does growlith evolve by himself or fire stone in Pokemon Red?

Fire stone

What Pokemon evolve from a fire stone emerald?

Vulpix -> Ninetales Growlith -> Arcanine Eevee -> Flareon

What pokemo evolve using a fire stone?

the one's that i know is growlith to arcanine; and eevee to flareon.

What Pokemon evolve with fire stone?

eeve into flaron vulpux into ninetales growlith into arcanie maybe more.......................................

What does a manta ray eat and how does it get food?

they evolve into a growlith and use fire wheel

What Pokemon evolve from fire stone on Pokemon diamond?

mostly: evee------flareon vulpix-----ninetails growlith---arcanine

What level does growlithe evolve in Pokemon firered?

Growlithe will evolve if you use a fire stone on it.

Where can you find a Wild growlith?

Growlith can be found in route 37.