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When you land on the free play spot of the Wheel you get a free turn and you can guess a vowel without a cost and you don't lose a turn if the vowel was not there. If you guess a consonant and it isn't there you get another turn because not finding a letter doesn't end your turn. What ever consonant letter you guess that is there shows up and counts toward your total.

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Q: What does free play mean on Wheel of Fortune?
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Is there a free play wedge in round 4 on Wheel of Fortune?


What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for February 25 2013?

Trick Play was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 25 2013Trick Play was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 25 2013Trick Play was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 25 2013Trick Play was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 25 2013

How much does it cost to buy a vowel on Wheel of Fortune?

$250 unless you land on free play and then it is free$250 [TwoHundred&FiftyDollars]$250

What is meant by the shakespearean Wheel of Fortune?

it comes from his play on Hamlet

How do you play along with Wheel of Fortune?

You guess what the answer to the puzzle is as the contestants spin the Wheel, call a letter, and buy a vowel.

Did Victoria Justice play on the Wheel of Fortune?

Contestants on Wheel of Fortune use the First name and initial and not a full name. Victoria Justice has an article on her in Wikipedia (see related link) There is a listing of her television guest appearances and Wheel of Fortune is not mentioned. If she had been on Wheel of Fortune it would have been included among her Television guest appearances like her appearance on Brain Surge was.

Can you play Wheel of Fortune online?

Wheel of has a number of sites that allow you to play including twitter and iphone as well as some downloads. A link to Wheel of has been added to the related links.

Is Wheel of Fortune game legit?

The Wheel of Fortune game show broadcast on Syndicated TV is. An on line gaming site that you are paying to play is another matter. Every contestant on the Wheel of Fortune Game show leaves the show with the $1000 minimum, although most of the 600 yearly contestants leave with more.

How many people play Wheel of Fortune as an online game?

There are many sites where one can play Wheel of Fortune as an online game. While it is not possible to get an exact figure as to the total number of people who play, judging from the number of sites that offer the game, it would seem that many people play it.It is a scam gambling website for some and never an official Wheel ofFortuneTV series site for onlinegaming. The show does offer a selection of downloadable Wheel of Fortune games that is different from online gaming. So are the PS3 video games that can be purchased from the Playstation Store

What are sentences from Wheel of Fortune that deal with the 70's?

I think you are thinking of another TV show like Jeopardy that does have questions about the 70's on some programs. Wheel of Fortune does not have sentences used to play the game in the TV show

What is the answer to the July 16 2008 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

The answer for 16 July 2008 was Key Play

What happened to home player winning the prize at end of Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of fortune bonus puzzles are won at the end of the show if solved in 10 seconds. The highest scoring contestant is the one who gets the chance to play the bonus puzzle.