What does destiny bond do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Destiny bond is rare Pokemon move. It's most common on the Pokemon Wobbuffet. While destiny bond is in effect, if the Pokemon that used it faints, the other one will also faint.

I admit destiny bond is a rare move but is easily out smarted. I f you have a Pokemon who now sandstorm,and the standstorm wiprs out the foes hp,ur Pokemon does not die.

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Q: What does destiny bond do?
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Where do you get the TM destiny bond in Pokemon white?

Destiny Bond doesn't have a TM.

When does Gengar learn destiny bond?

Gengar learns the move Destiny Bond at level 39 in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Gengar can potentially know Destiny Bond at level 33 by leveling Gastly to level 33 before evolving it which will let it learn Destiny Bond.

Can you get the TM destiny bond in Pokemon White?

Nope, you cannot get the Destiny Bond TM in Pokémon White because it isn't a TM in Pokémon White. Destiny Bond is a natural level-up move and it can also be an Egg Move.

Can misdreavus learn destiny bond in heart gold?

No, Misdreavus cannot naturally learn Destiny Bond in Pokémon HeartGold but it can teach it to its offspring as an Egg Move.

How do you learn destiny bond on ralts?

Put it in a daycare with wynaut

How do you get the TM destiny bond?

you can't theres no such thing but cacnea and wynut can learn it

Pokemon pearl how to get destiny bond?

Get you Pokemon to go and crap on your rival then he gives it to u

What attacks does wobbufet learn?

counter mirror coat safegaurd and destiny bond that is all that he/she can learn

What are wobbuffets moves?

Wobbufett can only learn Counter, mirror coat, safeguard, and destiny bond.

How was Juliet ahead of her time?

She is a head of her time because of how she does what she wants to. she is a a kindread spirit bond by destiny.

What moves does Wynaut learn on Emerald?

Splash, charm, encore, counter, mirror coat, safeguard, and destiny bond

In Pokemon emerald what moves are best for a smart contest?

A Bannette with Faint Attack, Spite, Curse and Destiny Bond.