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It cures Poison from one Pokemon.

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Q: What does antidote do in Pokemon Blue?
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What antidote rm in Pokemon emerald?

Define rm and I'll get back to you ASAP

How can you get the EXPSHARE in Pokemon blue?

how to get exp.share in pokemon blue

Pokemon blue what is the ruby?

Pokemon blue to ruby is sapphire.

What is the antidote to soma?

antidote for carisoprodol

How do you get Pokemon to emerald from blue?

You can't get Pokemon from blue and give them to emerald.

When do you get running shoes in Pokemon Blue?

There are no Running Shoes in Pokemon Blue.

What part of speech is the antidote?

"Antidote" is a noun.

What is the antidote to Lovenox?

The antidote is protomine sulfate.

What is the antidote for codeine?

The only antidote for codeine is time, unless it was an overdose. Then the antidote is the emergency room.

What are the Pokemon that are in Pokemon Blue?

The Pokemon that are in Pokemon blue are at least the first 149 Pokemon in the pokedex. I'm not sure about Mewtwo or Mew though

Where do you find an ekans in Pokemon Blue?

You can't find Ekans in Pokemon Blue. You have to get it by trading from Pokemon Red.

Where can you catch Ekons in Pokemon Blue?

Ekans cannot be caught in Pokemon Blue version. You need to trade one from Pokemon Red. Similarly, Sandshrew is exclusive to Pokemon Blue.