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It is silver or black, and is located on the top of an Xbox.

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Q: What does an Xbox harddrive look like?
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Is it good to put a harddrive on a arcade xbox 360?

NEVER PUT A HARDDRIVE ON A XBOX 360 ARCADE you should have bought the xbox 369 pro

How much memory does a 60gb Xbox 360 have without a hard drive?

Your question is really confusing. The Xbox without the harddrive is 4GB. The one with the built in Harddrive(The $300+ one) is like 162 GBs.

Does jpog for Xbox work on Xbox 360?

yes if you have a harddrive

What is the xbox360 harddrive?

the xbox harddrive is where all your stuff is stored [profiles and saved games]. if you own a xbox 360 you should know that.. . . .

Can putting an Xbox 360 harddrive into another Xbox 360 then placing it back in the original Xbox corrupte the Xbox?

No, the Xbox 360's HDD works like a super large memory unit.

Does xbox 360 arcade come with the harddrive?


Does the xbox 360 4gb have a hardrive?

yes it does have a harddrive

How do you play your games on harddrive xbox 360?

When it ask you if you wanna Save the game it'll ask you were and you pick harddrive.

How much does a modded Xbox cost with a 120gb harddrive?


Is it better to have a harddrive for an xbox 360?

yes more memory

How do you get gb on your xbox 360?

You can get more GB by buying a harddrive MB you can get by cleaning and deleting unwanted information

Does the xbox 360 Kinect come with harddrive?

No. The kinect has no memory storage.