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Heart scales are found in cianwood? i never knew that! you can get heart scales

in the pokeathlon too. also a guy in blackthorn will trade a heart scale to make Pokemon remember moves

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Q: What does a heart scale do in heart gold?
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What move do you need to scale a rocky heart gold?

rock climb

Where can you find a heart scale on Pokemon heart gold?

you have to use hm rock smash on rocks to find them.

How do you obtain the Red Scale in Pokemon heart gold?

get the red gyrados at lake of rage

Where is the heart scale in violet city on soulsilver?

On heart gold, it can be found by smashing the breakable rock beside the pokemon school. I think you can also find it in this location on soul silver.

Can you buy a heart scale in Pokemon sapphire?

catch a luvdisc, most of the time they will be holding a heart scale. fish for them. no, you can't buy a heart scale.

How do you use heart of gold in a sentence?

He is benevolent with a heart of gold. - She is beautiful and she has a heart of gold.

What is a heart scale good for?

The heart scale is used as a payment for the move tutor, or you can sell them.

Is heart of stone was a heart of gold a simile?

A heart of gold itself is an expression relating to someone kind. "They have a heart of gold".

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

Where to find heart scale in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Well its very very rare but its in rocks that can be smashed with rock smash. Or you can use your diamond or pearl game and trade a Pokemon over holding it.

Can old moves be learned again for heart gold?

Yes, you can have your Pokémon learn old level-up moves in "Pokémon HeartGold" by going to the Heart Scale Move Tutor in Blackthorn City.

What are the heart scale locations on Pokemon Ruby?

Catch a bunch of luvdisc they can hold heart scale.