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wep and wpa both are encryption standards to make a more secure wifi network, so your xbox needs to have the same wep/wpa code that your router is set to. if you have to choose between wep or wpa, choose wpa if possible because it is virtualy uncrackable and it will save your bacon

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2008-01-30 21:22:22
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WEP key

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Q: What does a WEP or WPA key mean for the Xbox 360?
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How do you steal my neighbors locked wifi on xbox 360?

You can't unless you have some downloadable website link that enables you to hack and or generate random WPA or WEP passwords. Or you can get interenet ....

What is a WEP and a WPA key mean?

The internet password for your wifi

What replaced WEP?

WEP has been replaced by WPA.

Why is WPA preferred over WEP?

WPA is much more protected than a WEP. Only people with a special program may be able to crack a WPA encryption. WEP can be hacked very easily.

How do you change the wpa to a wep?

WPA/WEP is the encryption setting and is configured on the wireless router. The use of WEP is not recommended because it is extremely insecure. A WEP password can be cracked in a matter of minutes, or even seconds if there is enough activity on the network. Use WPA!

How do you change a router from wpa to wep?

well first go on to system settings on your ds then go to data then it says change from wpa to wep and you just need to click on wep.

9 Which provides stronger security for a wireless network WEP or WPA?


When I change my WPA key to WEP it doesn't save Help?

WPA and WEP are not compatible with each other. They are completely different kinds of encryption.

What does wep and wpa use to protect data?

They both encrypt the data using encryption keys. WPA is a lot better than WEP in doing this.

I have a DSi and connect to WPA-2 and Pokemon diamond asks for a WEP can I still connect on Pokemon Diamond with WPA-2?

no i had to change mine back to a wep

How do you connect your Xbox 360 to your wireless network using a Xbox 360 wireless adapter?

you would obviously plug it in and then press a on serch for wierless network system but then you have to type in your wep key (wich is your password) or if you've got a wpa a or whatever its stll the same thing. hay if you get it working add me to your friends list gamertag is ALIEN XJ.=)

Wep and wpa?

They are types of wireless encryption used to secure WiFi networks. WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) is less secure than WPA (WiFi Protected Access). Always use WPA whenever possible.

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