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you would obviously plug it in and then press a on serch for wierless network system but then you have to type in your wep key (wich is your password) or if you've got a wpa a or whatever its stll the same thing. hay if you get it working add me to your friends list gamertag is ALIEN XJ.=)

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2011-09-13 00:45:14
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Q: How do you connect your Xbox 360 to your wireless network using a Xbox 360 wireless adapter?
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How can you connect Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Emerald using a wireless adapter?

i dont believe so because the wireless adapters were made for leafgreen and firered which came out after RSE

How do you get the mystic ticket using the wireless adapter?

get the mystery gift

How do you connect to wi-fi on Animal Crossing?

ok, well, first u need a wireless adapter. After that, you go on your ds (while you are in the same house as the adapter) and press the wifi settings. choose the wifi settings on the left and choose your wireless adapter from there. if the connection test works, u can now use wifi ^^ Statement: I want to know how to. But I don't think I have a wireless adapter. Do you have to buy it? I tried changing my settings and stuff but I think its because of the adapter thing. Ack this is sooo confusing. Why cant Animal Crossing be easier? x.x EDIT: Yes, you do need to buy it. However, what you are using may be what you need. Where you use the internet, you will be connected by either a dial up modem, cable or wireless signal. If you are using wireless, then you may use this to connect to Wi-fi. Beyond that I can't help you, as I don't know what type of internet or modem you have.

How do you get mystery gift in Pokemon Emerald without wireless adapter?

There is no way to get Mystery Gift without using the Wireless Adapter. Sadly, the events for Pokemon Emerald are expired and there will be no more events for this game.

Where can you trade kadabra in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokemon center. With a friend,using a wireless adapter or a link cable

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What are the benefits of using Wireless USB network adapters?

There are a few potential benefits in using a wireless USB network adapter. They allow one to connect to wireless networks on the move and connect using laptops that don't have built in wireless cards.

Do you need a wireless network card when using a wireless network adaptor on your PC?

Yes your computer must have a network/wifi adapter to connect to your router.

How do you connect your laptop to a wireless network that your computer is using?

Right click on the wireless adapter choose "View available wireless networks". After that just double click on the network which you want to connect to. If you want to connect to a secure network you have to know the security key which you have to enter before you will be able to use the secure wireless network.

Can a wireless network adapter be used on an old computer?

If you are using an old computer, it may not have wireless connections. My advice would be to use a wireless router for your connection. If this doesn't help, I would also connect with an adapter.

What do you need to be able print from a wireless network?

It comes that you have a wireless network. If so what you need is a printer with a wireless adapter or with a lan adapter. If you have a printer with a wireless adapter you need to configure it for your wireless network. If you have a printer with a lan adapter you need a lan cable. Use the lan cable to connect the printer to the router. After that you need to find out the printer ip address. If you have a printer without a network interface you still will be able to print wirelessly. You have to connect the printer to one of computers connected to the network. After that in the printer settings you have to share the printer. And using network environment find and conncect to the computer with the shared printer.

How can you connect Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon Ruby using a wireless adapter?

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Can you connect your internet using a USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus... If you meant to ask if you can use your USB port to somehow connect to the internet, then yes. You can get a USB wireless (Wifi) adapter if you have a wireless network (or wireless router, connect to a high-speed internet connection like Cable, DSL, etc...) If you do not have, or don't want a wireless network but would still like to connect to the internet through Ethernet, but don't have an Ethernet network card on your computer, you can use a USB Ethernet adapter.

You decide to network your familys desktop a gaming computer and a laptop do you use wireless on all of them or a combination?

You do not have to use wireless for all of them. You can connect your desktops using cables. And use your laptop with built-in wireless adapter.

What sort of network adapter do you require to configure wireless network connections using Windows XP Professional?

An adapter that supports the Zero Configuration service

How do you connect to the internet using a USB adapter on a mini tablet?

Unless the tablet has an accessory that allows you to connect to the internet this way, you can't. If the tablet has wifi built in, you can connect to a wireless network. Some mini-tablets that do not have wifi or 3G built in come with a USB adapter that allows it to connect to a Wireless Network, is this what you mean? If you are trying to plug a 3G USB Mobile Internet device straight into the mini-tablet, then no- you cannot do this.

How do you connect my wireless usb adapter to another wireless router?

One can connect an usb adapter to an access point by simply plugging in the adapter to the PC and using the software which came in a CD along with the adapter.In case there is no software for your adapter,then you can make use of the built-in utility for wireless connection in your operating system.

How do you connect laptops together on a wireless network?

u can easily connect ur laptop using wireless network with an wireless accesspoint or a wireless router or u can also connect ur two laptops with process called adhoc.

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