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Wireless routers can be secured by using different types of encryption, which require an encryption key to download. So if your router uses 'WEP' encryption, then you'd select WEP on the PSP, before entering the WEP key specific to your router.

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Q: What does WLAN security setting mean on a psp?
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Where is wlan on psp e 1004?

The E1000 series of PSP does not have wlan.

How do you open the wlan of Sony psp e1003 a2?

the sony psp e-1003 does not support wlan.

Does psp street have a wlan switch?

No, it does not. It has no wi-fi capabilities so does not need a wlan switch.

How do you turn a wlan switch psp street?

The PSP Street has no wireless hardware inside, so does not need a wlan switch.

How do you activate the wlan switch on a psp E1004?

There is no wlan switch on a PSP E1004, it has no wifi capabilities.

Where do you find the WLAN?

On you psp there is a switch at the top near the USB that says WLAN.

Does the psp e1004 have a WLAN switch?


Where can you switch on your psp street wlan mode?

The PSP Street doesn't have a wlan mode, it completely lacks any wi-fi capabilities.

Where is the wlan switch on sony psp e1002?

The 'PSP Street', E1000 series does not have any wi-fi capabilities, so do not have wlan switches.

Show you a picture of where the wlan switch is located on the PSP?

You need to turn it on by going to the top of your PSP and push the little rectangle that says WLAN and push it to the right! On psp 1000, it's a unlabeled switch with only an arrow on it on the left side Your WLAN is on now and working. (note: your must have a stable internet connection!)

What is the range for PSP WLAN?

200 yards

How do you turn on WLAN switch for PSP?

On you psp there is a switch at the top near the USB that says WLAN. Switch it on(the way the arrow is pointing) and its done first turn your psp on. Then go to settings and choose Internet options. Squeeze gently in the middle of your psp bar at the bottom. If this does not work dont feel afraid to squeze harder for PSP PHAT If this doesent work your psp is a built wrong , alert sony and say you the sqeeze method and they will send you a new one Finally if al else fails sell your god damm PSP FOR 1$ IDIOT or throw in the BIN