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i dont know but the reaper cloth evolves a doskclops into a dusknoir

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Q: What does Spirit World Cloth do in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get the spirit world cloth on Pokemon diamond?

The easiest way to get a spirit cloth is by using a cheat system such as an action reply. i have no idea what the cloth does, but it sounds cool....

How do you get to the distroition world in Pokemon diamond?

The Distortion World is not a feature in Diamond.

Is there a cheats for Pokemon diamond to get all the Pokemon in the world?

I wish!

Where is Shino in Pokemon Diamond?

The SInnoh region refers to a large continent in the Pokemon world. It is also where the Pokemon Diamond game is based in.

Where do you find reapers cloth in Pokemon diamond?

Somewhere atop Mt. Coronet. You should have found it when you went up to meet Cyrus, before the Distortion World. That's where i found mine.

How do you get to the torn world on Pokemon Diamond?

The Torn World cannot be acsessed from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It can only be acsessed in Pokemon Platinum after defeating Galactic Boss Cyrus once.

How do you get to Cyrus in Distortion world in Pokemon Diamond?

Well, first of all if you're playing Pokemon diamond then you can't even go to the distortion world. You can only do this in Pokemon platinum.

How do you get all the Pokemon in the world in Pokemon diamond with out migrating?

use action replay

Can you go to the distortion world in Pokemon diamond version?


What do you do after you free the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You climb the peak of Mt. Cornet to get to the Distortion World.

How do you get to the reverse world diamond and pearl?

The Distortion world is only available in Pokemon Platinum

How do you go to the spirit world in Pokemon Diamond?

Complete pokemon platinum catch girantina put on a trade with your girantina and a duskonair save switch off your device play pokemon diamond catch a duskonair now do the trade with girantina and duskonair the girantina will hold a entrance rock go to scolacen town go a bit south you will se a hawllowed tree thing now figure out how to activate it catch spirit tomb now put the entrance rock on it now go to spear pillar now fight dialga defeat him with girantina his head stone will fal put that on the hawllowed tree go to spear pillar a duskonair will escape it wil fight spirit tomb causing the entrance to the spirit world go into the blachhole your in the spirit world congrats note this only works if you use the exact same steps