What does Pokemon mean in Japanese?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pokemon in Japanese means pocket monsters.

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Q: What does Pokemon mean in Japanese?
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Do you make up Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Do you mean for the contests. And is you mean to make Pokemon then you have to be the Japanese creators in Japan....

What is the word Pokemon mean?

In Japanese, Pokemon means pocket monsters

Is p Pokemon Japanese of Chinese?

Pokemon is Japanese

Is Pokemon chisnse or Japanese?


IS Pokemon Chinese or Japanese?


What are the Pokemon to start out with in Pokemon Black and White?

Snivy (japanese-Tsutarja) The grass type Pokemon Tepig (japanese-Pokabu) The fire type Pokemon Oshawott (japanese-Mijumaru) The water type Pokemon

Can i change Pokemon and all anime from being Japanese to Chinese I mean i am not going to stand for it being Japanese can i change it to Chinese or do something i can do to make it Chinese?

No. No.

Can you access Japanese Pokemon events with a US Pokemon game?

No, you will need a Japanese game to do that.

What is axew's japnese name in pokemon white?

Axew is called Kibago in the Japanese versions, if that's what you mean.

What is the Japanese name for Pokemon Diamonds Legendary Pokemon Dialga?

The Japanese name for Dialga is Diaruga.

Why is piplup called piplup?

Sorry that a hard question to answer, but since Pokemon is Japanese piplup could mean anything.

When will Pokemon black and white Pokemon cards in stores?

they already did even with Japanese versions you can get a Japanese in