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No. No.

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Q: Can i change Pokemon and all anime from being Japanese to Chinese I mean i am not going to stand for it being Japanese can i change it to Chinese or do something i can do to make it Chinese?
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Can you change the language on the Japanese Pokemon heartgold version?


How do you change the language on Pokemon platinum from Japanese to English?

You can't.

How do you change Pokemon ruby language from Japanese to English?

Unfortunately you cannot change the game's language.

How do you change the language setting from Japanese or Chinese to English in ssx on tour?

buy the English version

How do you change a Pokémon's name if it is in Japanese?

If you're Pokemon has another evolution then after it evolves you should be able to change its name if it doesn't I suppose you could always breed the Pokemon. (considering its not a lengendary Pokemon).

How do you change the language on Pokemon Black and White?

If it's Japanese it is less likely for it to have an English option.

How do you change the time from Japanese time to American time in the Pokemon platinum game?

The time in the game follows the time on your ds's settings. If you change it there it will change on the game.

How do you make a pokemon's name japince in pearl?

change da languageon ur DS(i) 2 Japanese

What is the Japanese writing system based on?

The Japanese writing system is based on a combination of three scripts: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Hiragana and Katakana are phonetic scripts representing sounds, while Kanji are Chinese characters representing meaning. Together, they form the foundation of written Japanese language.

Were the Japanese people once were Chinese but they wanted to make their own branch of culture and created Japan?

The origin of Japanese people in not known yet. The Japanese are known to sometimes not consider themselves to be an Asian Country or Race and something completely different due to the fact that they are an island. Many people have expressed that Japan may have originated from Korea. But, I did do some quick searching to see if anything as really change and there hasn't. Japanese people originated from either China or Korea. Kanji is a Japanese spinoff of Chinese characters though the spoken language is classified as a Altaic language, alongside Korea. Language-wise, Korea and Japan have a lot in common (though Korea rarely uses Chinese characters anymore)

What ideas the Japanese borrowed from china why?

japan copied china, because they were jealous that china invented so many inventions that helped change the world. so the Japanese copied the Chinese writing and called it their own.

Which Chinese empress ordered Japan's name to be changed to Nippon?

According to True Meaning of Shiji, an 8th-century chronicle, the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian ordered a Japanese envoy to change the country's name to Nippon.