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You have to edit the savegame using action replay, or something similar.

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Q: How do you change your name in Pokemon FireRed?
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How can you change your pokemon's nickname in Pokemon FireRed?

You can go to the name rater in Lavender.

How do you change clothes in Pokemon FireRed?


What is the name of the second orb in Pokemon FireRed?

The orbs are not in firered.

Can you change your look in Pokemon FireRed?

No, you can't

How do you get to gloden city in Pokemon FireRed?

in firered/leafgreen there is no city by that name

Name rater FireRed?

The name rater is in Lavender town. Remember you can't change nicknames of pokemon you got through trades.

How do you change Pokemon firered to chaosblack?


Does a trainer have pinsir on Pokemon FireRed?

Howie is the name of the trainer who has a Pinsir on Pokemon FireRed. Pinsir is known for being a stag beetle Pokemon.

What is your rival's name in Pokemon FireRed and leaf green?

Normally if you wouldn't change his name it would be either: Gary, Green, Red or his actual name in the game Blue.

What is the name of the eighth hm on Pokemon firered?


Where is the name changer in Pokemon FireRed?

Lavender Town.

How can you change your appearance in Pokemon FireRed?

There is a man in one of the pokemon centers but I dont know what one.