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He gives you Everstone plus the different evolution stones if you show him the Pokemon he asks for. If he asks for a fire Pokemon, you'll get the fire stone, and so on.

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Q: What does Bill's grandpa give you in Pokemon gold?
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Where I can get leaf stone in Pokemon shiny gold?

Yes you can get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Gold but only from Picnicker Gina on Route 34 and also from Bill's Grandpa, Bill's Grandpa can be found in Bill's house that is north of Cerulean City. Bill's Grandpa will give you a Leaf Stone if you show him Oddish.

Where do you find a water stone in Pokemon gold?

You need to get to Bills Grandpa in Cerulean (Kanto), he will ask for a pokemon. The first is Lickitung, the second is Oddish and the last is staryue, i think that you then get the water stone from him. I hope this help :)

Where can you find a leaf stone on Pokemon gold version?

bills grandfather asks you for the Pokemon with leafs on its head (oddish) cath it if u have it great show it to bills grandfather and he'll give you a leaf stone

Where is bills grandpa on gold version?

hes on route 25 in kanto hes on route 25 in kanto

What does bills dad want to see in Pokemon gold?

he first wants to see lickitung,then he will give you a everstone,then he wants to see a skiploom.

How do you get waterstones on Pokemon Gold?

take staryu to bills grandfather take staryu to bills grandfather

What Pokemon has big round eyes in heart gold bill's grandpa wants to see it?


What is the last pokemon you show bills dad in pokemon gold?

The last pokemon that you show to bill grandfather in marril.

Where is bill's house on Pokemon Heart Gold?

bills house is north of cerulean

How do you get a Water Stone in gold version?

Go to Bill's grandpa in Pokemon silver ( he is in a house in Cerulean Cape) Show him oddish, then he will ask to see a star Pokemon. It is staryu. Use the super rod in Cerulean city gym, and catch staryu at night only. Show It to Bill's Grandpa, and he will give you a water stone. It also works in silver.

Where is the cape in Pokemon Heart Gold?

above cerulean city! were bills old house is.

Where do you find stones and gold?

when you go to the kanto regon go north from the docks a.k.a the harbour and there is bills grandad you find the Pokemon he asks for and he will give all the stones bye