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24p is very popular in the video world. 24p enables editing software to more readily transform information shot in video to film. 24p is especially useful when working in the black and white medium.

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Q: What does 24p refer to in the video world?
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24p is refer to the number of (fps)frames per second. or pictures that were recorded in 1 second time. It gives it more of a film like look that you normally see when going to the theatre. Also the director intend for people to watch their movies in 24 fps rather than the USA NTSC tv standard of 29.97 fps or in Europes pal 25 fps .

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Pete Shaner has written: '24P' -- subject(s): Digital cinematography, Digital video, Editing, Production and direction, Video recordings

If you shoot an indepent film with a regular camcorder can you edit the film and put it on a reel so that you can submit it to film festivals like sundance cannes etc If so what machine would you u?

If you shoot the video on 24p (24 frames oer second), you will be able to transfer directly to film. Not all camcorders have the 24p option, so check before you shoot the video

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