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Press alt and enter at the same time to switch between full screen and window mode.

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Q: What do you press to make your maple story screen bigger and smaller?
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How do you get a bigger screen on your internent?

Press "f11"

What can you do to correct the problem when you can not see the whole screen in Maple Story?

Press Alt+Enter

How do you put the screen bigger on google chrom?

Press f11 to make youre screen go into fullscreen, press f11 to take it off full screen

Why is the text on the computer screen getting smaller?

Text can get smaller for two reasons: 1.) You are decreasing the size of text. 2.) You are increasing the resolution. Increasing the resolution increases your desktop space however it sacrifices the size of objects and text. Text can be increased/decreased by going to screen settings (it is different depending on your OS), and go into advanced appearance options in Windows Vista and/or Windows Seven.

What is a fill handle?

it is a square that you press and it makes things bigger and smaller as you move the mouse.

How do i make the screen on my website bigger because the game doesn't fit the page?

you press f11 on your keyboard

How do you make your computer screen bigger if you accedently made it really small?

Press Ctrl and the plus button :)

What happens if you press f11?

something bad so dont do it. that is make your screen bigger so you can't fix it :(

In age of mythology editor how do you make objects bigger?

Hold K. Press shift+K to make them smaller.

I downloaded maple story than i press start button but it didnt work a blue screen comed out?

You must have something missing, try re-downloading the application.

How do you make a sims 2 castaway screen bigger?

I think you go to options which is in the same area as the saveing thinggy, and it will say options, press the "widscreen," or the "small screen" I think..... :P

How do you enlarge font?

Hold CTRL and Shift press the + or = button to make the font bigger, to make it smaller hold CTRL and Shift and press the - or _ button. Hopefully that helps :D