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Q: What do you mix with Mario in alchemy game?
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What do you do with the 1up in the alchemy droid game?

Mario and Yoshi

How do you make car on alchemy game?

mix mealtl and gas

How do you make fungus on game alchemy?

you have to mix algae and swamp

How do you make a steam engine in the game alchemy?

you mix a boiler + tool

How do you make philosopher stone alchemy game?

You need to first get dilemma and scientist. Then mix them to get philosophy. Finally mix that with stone.

When is the next super Mario game coming out?

Mario sports mix

What will be the next Mario game come out after Mario sports mix?

mario party 9

How do you make Mario on alchemy game?

Man + 1up! (Man = beast + life) (1up = mushroom + life)

Is Mario sports mix a dumb game?

Depends on what you view as a "dumb" game.

How do you make Mario on alchemy?

1 up + man =Mario

Why can't i mix anything with sugar on little alchemy?

Sugar is not a part of alchemy

What do you mix zombie with on alchemy?

corpse and life