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You can mine redstone with an Iron, Gold or Diamond pickaxe.

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Q: What do you mine redstone with in Minecraft?
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How do you get redstone on Minecraft?

You mine it from redstone ore.

How do you make redstone dust in minecraft?

You have to mine redstone ore.

How do you mine redstone on MInecraft?

With an iron pickaxe or better.

What can you mine redstone with on minecraft pocket edition?


How du you mine redstone at minecraft?

An Iron Pick

How do you mine redstone dust from redstone ore in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.1 without just getting nothing?

You need an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine redstone ore

How do you dig up redstone in minecraft?

To successfully mine a Redstone Ore block, you need an Iron Pickaxe or higher.

Can you get redstone in minecraft pe?

Yes you can but you need to mine it with an iron pickaxe

What do you use to mine redstone in minecraft?

You need at least an Iron Pickaxe.

How do you obtain redstone on minecraft?

Redstone can be mined underground or found in caves. You need an iron pickaxe to mine it. It is not in the pocket edition.

How do you mine redstone in minecraft pe?

In the old updates such as 0.7.0, you couldn't mine redstone, but now in the present you are able to mine redstone (0.8.1) it has improved over the last months, in pocket edition it can be used to craft powered rails and compasses. Happy mining!

What do you do if you can't mine red blocks in minecraft?

Redstone blocks? You need an iron pickaxe.