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you get a recon armour and if you pre-order at Ebgames or GameStop multi threat armour

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Q: What do you get if you pre-order halo reach standard edition?
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If you pre order halo reach will you get recon?

Any preorder of Halo: Reach will get you the Recon Helmet for free use in Halo: Reach ONLY. If you preorder the Legendary Edition you will receive the Bungie flaming helmet.

What happens when you preorder halo reach?

Halo reach gets put in your hand....

What happens if you preorder halo reach?

if you preorder reach, you gets lotsa goodies like extra armor and statues, and a kitten is saved if you preorder

Do you receive recon if you preorder Halo Reach limited edition from The Hut?

Its not the recon that you would get in normal halo 3, it's different, its more like mark VI than recon in halo 3.

How do you get recon in halo reach?

Preorder it or buy it on launch day.

How many people bought the preorder for halo reach?


If you preorder halo reach legendary edition from hmv online will it arrive on release date?

Yes if you pre order anything it should arrive on its release date.

How can you get the halo reach legendary edition?

you pre-order Halo reach

What do you get when you pre order halo reach?

If you preorder with Gamestop you get a set of armor exclusive with preordering.

Can you buy black ops prestige edition without preorder?

The answer is yes (possibly) if i saw the halo reach legendary edition is available for purchase without Pre-Order, Then the Call of duty Black Ops Prestige edition should be for purchase without Pre-Order.

How do you get the flaming helmet in halo reach?

Work for bungie, or buy the legendary edition of halo: reach.

What kind of xbox comes in the halo reach legendary package?

the halo reach legendary edition doesnt come with an xbox 360 it only comes withsaprtan statue like 10 in. tall and flaming head, and recon helmet. The halo reach bundle the one with the xbox comes with recon helmet only, unless u preorder from gamestop. the halo reach bundle come with the new xbox 250 gb. hoped it helped im hyped about reach:)