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Refering to Halo 3 and halo reach their is a custom forge game mode, here you can build and shape your very own map creations for both custom and recreational use.

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Q: How do you make maps on halo custom edition?
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Where do you download halo custom edition?

on you can also get heaps of tags and homebrew maps there to!!!

Can halo custom edition create single player missions?

Yes it can but it is very hard to find you can get it here but it is very hard to put in most people put it in their Maps folder but that's not how you do it go to to find a Tutorial.

Can you play against the computer in Halo 1?

This is a difficult question to answer. Of course, in campaign, you can. The multiplayer on Halo: Combat Evolved, however, you cannot. Yet there is a game for the PC called Halo: Custom Edition, in which you can somewhat play against the computer. Some people have made maps with advanced AI that will attack you on sight. They are usually very fun, but they are also very complex and difficult to create.

Can you download huge maps for Halo Trial?

No you can't download huge maps for the halo trial. The maps that are on there are all there is. Even if you could, you would have to buy the full version of Halo to make it work. However there are map conversions of Halo CE Maps and also even the silent Carthographer Map (The island) for Halo Trial. I can give you the download link for the map but not for the others as it isn't very legal, for the other maps. Just to tell you there is the Halo CE Maps Seclusion and also Yoyorast Island and even better, the Halo 2 Maps Coagulation for Halo Trial. But their not legal and I won't give you the link. sorry. There is also a brand new map created by Queen Ann's Revenge which is called Avast,but it isn't really a big map. The Island: Avast: Sorry once again as I cannot give you the download links for the other maps as they are illegal. However, you can download other mods (not Maps) from my Mediafire Account: ;)

How do you get halo reach deleted maps back?

you go to recent maps if its not their then its gone sorry.

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What is custom edition of Halo Combat Evolved?

Well, Halo Custom Edition is the multiplayer version of Halo Combat Evolved PC. It doesn't have a Campaign, by the way. If you want to get Halo Custom Edition, install the installer and use your Halo Combat Evolved PC Key. The main advantage of Halo Custom Edition is custom maps. Halo Custom Edition is currently in Version

Why do you download and install Halo Custom Edition maps?

I think you should ask why was halo custom edition created because the reason people download the maps is because they can have fun on halo with other people across the world. halo custom edition was created for that purpose and it only plays maps that you download not the normall halo. your asking why do you it is more like your asking why do I.

What website has downloadable maps for Halo Custom Edition?

How do you gat a sword in halo 1?

It is impossible on the Xbox but it can be used through maps in Halo Custom Edition(on PC). Halo Custom Edition is a freeware but it requires Halo PC which is not free.

Can you still play Halo Combat Evolved if you install Halo Custom Edition?


How do you put maps in halo custom edition?

When you download maps, put them in your map folder

How do you download Halo Custom Edition maps?

you go on the website

Is halo combat evolved the same as halo custom edition?

Yes, in a way. Halo Custom Edition has most of the features that Halo Combat Evolved has, except the custom edition is made only for online-play, and in the multiplayer setting, people can design their own maps with certain programs and play in the user-created maps with the whole Halo community.

Where can you find a Halo 3 mod for halo trial?

There is no Halo 3 mod for Halo Trial. Halo Trial is one of the hardest versions of Halo to mod. There are however, custom maps for Halo Custom Edition. To get Halo Custom Edition, you need to have Halo: Combat Evolved installed on your PC, you also need your CD key. You can download Halo: Custom Edition free.

If you uninstall halo custom edition and reinstall it do you lose all the maps?

Sadly yes but you can save the maps in another file and then put it back in the custom edition you reinstalled.

How do you get the halo custom edition maps?

well first download halo custim edition and if you want to get maps just go on adn there you can get any map but some maps might reqeust internet explorer 7. once you press the red DOWNLOAD then press open. once the map is downloaded as it opens then drag the map into the halo custom edition maps file. then go into halo custom edition sellect multiplayer, create game, lan and then look for the map you downloaded. enjoy :)

Where do you download halo custom edition?

on you can also get heaps of tags and homebrew maps there to!!!