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I just completed the national pokedex after 351:22 hoursYes i have cheated to get : mew, jirachi, celebi, ho-oh, lugia, suicune, deoxys and latias

After completing the national pokedex go see dr. oak (he'll be very happy) and then go to celadon city at the top of the tower in the "game freak" room. the guy in that room will show you an official paper from game freak to congratulate you for your hard work. If i see anything else I'll update the answer.

it's a hard work but it worth it!

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Q: What do you get after you complete the pokedex in Pokemon FireRed?
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What do you do after the Pokemon league in Pokemon FireRed?

get the complete pokedex from prof. oak. go to the sevvi islands and do missions there. get mewto in cerulean cave. complete your pokedex.

Where do you find Squirtle in Pokemon FireRed to complete my pokedex?

Squirtle is only obtainable if you chose it at the beginning of the game you must get one from another firered or leafgreen then give it to your firered and then you can finish your pokedex.

How do you get Feraligatr in Pokemon FireRed?

If i am right you have complete your kanto(???) pokedex. I don't know if it is kanto or national.

In Pokemon FireRed how do you tell where you are on your pokedex?

look in your pokedex

What happens if you complete your national pokedex and complete all of the boxes in your PC in Pokemon firered?

If you complete the pokedex you can get a diploma from game freak in the celadon mansion in celadon city and you can now say to everyone you did it!

What are the Pokemon to catch in Pokemon ruby to complete the pokedex?

You have to catch 151 pokemon to complete the pokedex.

What is there to do when you beat FireRed?

u could complete the pokedex

How do you fill out your pokedex in FireRed?

catch 80 Pokemon

How do you catch a cronaw in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to complete the kanto pokedex, after this Prof. Oak give you one of this pokemon's: Chikorita, Totodile (evolves into croconaw) or Cyndaquil.

What to do now in Pokemon FireRed?

Depends on what part of the game your at if you finished complete the pokedex, get the stickers for your trainer card and try the trainer tower.

Can you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon platinum?

Yes, but you must have the national pokedex

Can You show me the FireRed and LeafGreen pokedex?

Go to Google and type in [Pokemon Fire Red Pokedex list] or [Pokemon Leaf Green Pokedex list].AnswerVisit and read up to the Sinnoh Pokedex. These are all the Pokemon available in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.