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It is used to evolve eevee into glaceon when its happiness is full. you level up your eevee near the stone

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Can you destroy it?

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Q: What do you do with the ice-encrusted boulder that is bone-chilling to the touch south of Acuity Lakefront in the blizzard of Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get to Acuity lakefront from celestic town?

Use a Pokemon to Fly to Acuity Lakefront from Celestic Town. If you don't want to Fly whatsoever, then go west into the tallest mountain, and then going north all the way, then past the whole snow and blizzard.

Where to get a secret potion in Pokemon platinum?

Valor Lakefront

Where do you find Azelf in Pokemon diamond?

In Valor Lakefront

What rare Pokemon lives at verity lakefront?


Who lives in valor lakefront?

Azelf is the legendary Pokemon that lives in valor lakefront. after you beat the Pokemon league you will be able to find a wabafet there. and in the water you can find basicly magicarp and many other water Pokemon on land you can find sneasle and anything else that lives in the area around valor lakefront.

What is Pokemon 121 on Pokemon Platinum?

Its Girafarig. It can be found on Route 221, or on Valor Lakefront.

Who is the rare Pokemon at valor lakefront in Pokemon pearl?

Azelf is the legendary Pokemon found a Lake Valor.

Where is the Grand Lake hotel in Pokemon pearl?

valor lakefront

Where to get a reaper cloth in Pokemon pearl?

acuity lakefront i think

How do you get the legendary Pokemon blizzard in warcraft 3 Pokemon world 7.3.3?

you cant because there is no Pokemon named blizzard stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid perrrrrrrsssssssoooooooon

How do you get in the Valor Lakefront in Pokemon platnium?

you go thru the tree with the shadow on it

What are the puddles behind the lakefront for?

so you step in them with your Pokemon to make them happ