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it is used in the duel arena,you must throw the tomato to the players face.But the players must be dueling withe other players

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Q: What do you do with a rotten tomato on RuneScape?
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How do you make rotten tomato on RuneScape?

You cannot make a rotten tomato in RuneScape, but you can buy them from tramps at the duel arena for 1gp to throw at people in when they're dueling from the lookout bridges.

How do you get a rotten tomato on RuneScape?

Seers village, there is a beggar that sells them in a cart. At the dueling arena, you can also purchase them from the banker.

Where do you get a rotten tomato in runescape?

You can got to the Duel arena and buy one form the banker guy next to the hospital

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what will happen is that you will tend to fill weak and have that nocious feeling in you

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