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You go to sensai and beat him to become a ninja!

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Q: What do you do when your a black belt on Club Penguin?
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Can you skip to black belt on club penguin?


How do you defeat a brown belt in club penguin?

Become a black belt

How do you win sensi on club penguin?

You need to be a black belt

How do you beat Sensei on Club Penguin when you are not a black belt?

You can't!

What do you do after you get black belt on club penguin?

you go to the fire dojo

In club penguin how do you get the black mask in 2009?

get a black belt then battle the sensei

What is a nija suit on club penguin?

It is a black suit with a black mask and a black belt.

How do you beat sensia on club penguin?

Be a black belt, and try to win.

How do you beat the sensa on Club Penguin?

if your a black belt VS HIM AND WIN

Where is the eagle belt in Club Penguin?

Sorry, there is no eagle belt in Club Penguin.

How do you get your black belt on club penguin without playing card jitsu?

its impossable to

Do you have to be a member to wear black belt in club penguin?

no you don't just earn it and you get it.