How do you win against sensei on club penguin?

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You have to be a black belt. Play him about 10 times and then you will win.

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Q: How do you win against sensei on club penguin?
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How do you beat the sensei with the starter pack of cards in club penguin?

You have to get the black belt and then wear it while playing against the Sensei then you will win against him all with the same amount of cards you had in the starter pack. Hope this Helped. My name on Club Penguin is SuperJosh635

In club penguin you are a black belt do you face sensei and win or do you face other people?

you face the sensei

How can you win sensei in Club Penguin?

You beat the Sensei on Club Penguin by earning a 'black belt' in Card Jitzu, and then using your explicit skills to beat him, you will earn a ninja mask.

How do you become a fire ninja on club penguin?

you have to win a match then beat sensei

How do you beat sensei on club penguin in 2009?

keep trying you will eventually win

How do you beat the sensei in card jitsu on club penguin?

just keep playing him if you have your black belt, he will eventually let you win.

How do you defeat Sensei with your black belt and win club penguin?

im sorry to say this but, you cant win club penguin as the owners(Disney) probably wouldnt give off club penguin but to defeat sensei, play againest him over and over again and it will become easy and he will lose

What is a quick way to become a ninja on Club Penguin?

You just have to win alot of games and beat Sensei in the Sensei games and then... poof! You become a Club Penguin Ninja! I love being a ninja.

How do you defeat sensei on club penguin?

Easy! You keep trying and trying! Eventually, Sensei lets you win... But, be careful! He is very skillful. Trust me though, you will win :)

How do you get into the secret room in the dojo courtyard on club penguin?

You rank up to the black belt and then you verse Sensei. If you win against Sensei you become a ninja! And then you Go to the dojo courtyard and waddle your penguin to the left and click on the door and your penguin will waddle to the secret room! Tada!

Does the sensei follow a pattern on club penguin?

no you just use anything because he will win anyway

How do you get sensei to let u win on club penguin?

plz plz plz help me defeat him

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