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you go home

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Q: What do you do when you team rocket leader?
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Who is the real team rocket leader?

The English name for the boss of Team Rocket is Giovanni.

Where is the team rocket leader in Silph Co?

Team Rocket leader Geovonni is on the eleventh floor of the Silph CO. tower but you must take a teleporter to get to him.

Where is team rocket after the Ice Cavern?

they leave kanto to find more rarepokemon with the rocket leader (8 gym leader).

Where is the team rocket leader?

In the viridian city gym.

Who is the eighth gym leader in Pokemon fire red?

the leader of team rocket

Where is the viridan city gym leader?

The Viridan City Gym leader is the leader of Team Rocket Giovanni after you defeat Team Rocket one last time, go to gym he will be waiting for your battle and then you get your badge!

Who is gym leader for virdian city?

the gym leader is... Giovanni the head of team rocket.

Where is the 8th leader in Pokemon Yellow?

he is in viridian city and also he the leader of team rocket

Who is giovvanis?

the team rocket leader and not to say the last gym leader in the first eight

How do you get rid of team rocket?

defeat master geovanii the gym leader

What is Team Rocket's leader's last name?

His name is just Giovanni.

What special thing did Nikki giovonni do?

He became the Team Rocket leader!