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Well you should now have the HM Rock Smash allowing you to travel north of Mauville by smashin the rocks in the way and go from Vendturf town to Petalburg City by smashing the rock in Rusturf tunnel.

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Q: What do you do when you beat Watson emerald?
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How do you beat Watson in Pokemon emerald?

Ground types are perfect to beat Watson like sandshrew.

I cant find the gym badge in maville for Pokemon emerald where is it?

just go to the gym and beat Watson with his electric Pokemon

What over Pokemon would o need to beat Watson if you started with trecko in emerald?

Nincada or ninjask that knows Dig.

Where do you get the key for new mauville in Pokemon emerald?

Watson gives it to you

Who is the next gym leader after watson in pokemon emerald?


How do you beat the last elite four on Pokemon Emerald with a lvl 74 swamert?

how to beat Pokemon emerald

How do you get Groudon and kyogre to fight in emerald?

you beat Archie on emerald

What can you do after you beat emerald?

Go outside

How do you beat Watson on emerald with starter trees?

What do you mean starter trees? If you mean Treeko/Mudkip/Torchic then you Mudkip because it's part ground type and ground are super effective against electric typers

How can you find Watson in pokemon emerald?

Wattson is near the Pokemon Mart in Mauville.

What do you do after you beat your dad in pokemon emerald?

You celebrate!

How do you get national pokedex in emerald?

Have to beat the elite four.