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Go to wallys house it's right beside the petalburg gym.

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Q: What do you do when i beat my dad on Pokemon Ruby?
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How do you you get surf in Pokemon ruby?

beat your dad and go nextdoor.Waly's dad gives it to you.

Where can you find Hm swim in Pokemon ruby?

After you beat your dad in his gym wallys dad gives it to you for helping wally

When do you fight your dad in pokemon ruby?

after you beat flannery hes a normal type gym

Where can you get surf on Pokemon Ruby version?

On Pokemon ruby to get surf you need to beat your dads gym (in petalburg) then after wallys dad will come and get you then give you surf.

Where can you find surf in Pokemon ruby?

after you beat your dad you go next door to Wally's parents home and the dad will give it to you

What do you have to do to get surf in pokemon ruby version?

Beat the 4th gym and go to Wally's house in Petalsburg. Talk to his dad.

How do you get swim in the Pokemon ruby?

you have to beat your dad's gym and then go talk to Wally's parents, who gives you the HM surf

Where do you get surf in Pokemon ruby?

After you beat your own dad in Petalburg Gym, go to Wally's house (right next to the gym) and his dad will give you surf.

Where do you get fly for Pokemon Ruby?

You must beat you'r dad and be on the way to Fortree City and beat you'r rival and they give you HM 03 Fly

Do you have to beat the Pokemon league in ruby and Pokemon FireRed to trade?

you only have to beat the elite 4 on Pokemon fire red not ruby

What do you do after you win your dads gym in Pokemon ruby?

after you beat your dad and get surf you go to mauville city and surf at the right side of the city

What do you do after you beat the fire gym on Pokemon ruby?

Go back to your dad's gym and battle him, then go to the house next to it and get HM surf