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You have to get this medicine from some girl. You can find her by going all the way to the right and go down to the next town. Explore for a bit and you'll find her.

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Q: What do you do to get the Psyducks to get out of the way at route 210 on Pokemon pearl?
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What route are the psyducks on?

If you mean the Psyducks blocking your way in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, they're on Route 210. ..However, you need to specify the game to get a precise answer.

What route do you get the potion for the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond?

You get the potion from Cynthia at Valor Lakefront. Then go to route 210 where the psyducks are.

Where are the psyducks in Pokemon pearl?

you go from solaceon town up to route 210 and slightly northwest from the cafe cabin and youll see 4 psyducks in between trees hope this helps!

What Pokemon are on Route 210 in Diamond and Pearl?

all the Pokemon on route 210 in Pokemon diamond and pearl are ponyta, geodude and if your really lucky you can find onix.

Where can you get a bagon on Pokemon pearl?

use pokeradar on route 210

Which trainer in Pokemon pearl has Pichu?

pokemon breeder in route 210 he has pichu, happiny,pikachu

Do any trainers in Pokemon pearl have a mothim?

Ace Trainer At Route 210

Which city is the Psyducks in?

In the game Pokémon you will find the Psyducks on Route 210 which is next to the cafe. When you answer Cynthia's questions with a yes she will present you with a charm.

How do you get to the foggy area on route 210 in pearl?

First of all you have to encounter the galactic grunt in Pastoria city. When you follow him all the way to Lake Valor you will then see Cynthia with a secretpotion. The secretpotion will then allow you to move the group of psyducks in route 210 which will allow you into the foggy area

How do you obtain Miltank in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Milktank is located in route 209 and 210 in both Diamond and Pearl.

Where can you find ponyta on Pokemon pearl?

Route 206 , 210 , 211 , 214 , 215

Where can you catch a Bagon in Pokemon pearl?

you can catch one at north part of route 210