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You should play with it, feed it. Tickling it also helps sometimes and you should go on moshi monsters regularly. Hope i helped. By the way add me on moshi monsters im soff12345

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Q: What do you do on Moshi Monsters if your monster feels lonely?
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What do you do if your moshi monster feels anxious?

feed themplay with them

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What do you do if your moshi monster feels anxious?

feed themplay with them

What are all the names of the monsters in Moshi Monsters?

When you adopt your monster, you put your mouse over it without clicking, and it will say what kind of monster it is. There are: Zommers - the monsters with one eye and two different arms (meant to be zombies) Poppets - the bear like monster. Diavlo - the monsters that have horns and a arrowed tail and flies. Luvli - the monster that looks like a love heart and flies. Katsuma - the monster that has long ears and looks like Picachu. Furi - If you mean the name of your monster when you go through the tutorial, when you visit a monster owner, the name and how the monster feels will be above user's monster's head.

How do you know how your monster feels on Moshi Monsters?

There is a little chart on the left side of your page that tells you the following 1) MOOD 2) HEALTH 3) HAPPINESS. Just click on those to find out.

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Game preferences are all a matter of opinion. Younger audiences tend to prefer Moshi Monsters while slightly older prefer Webkinz, generally speaking. Moshi Monsters might be prefered because they enjoy the simplicity and ability to customize their character. Webkinz might be prefered because you unlock your plushes online and it feels like your plush comes to life. The games which are available and other features also influence someone's game preference.

How do you make a moshi monster angry?

Here's how to make your Moshi Monster mad: Tickle it WAY too much Feed it a TON of gross things to make it annoyed Don't feed it; leave it starving Don't give it attention; leave it unhappy Those steps will make it really mad. Please avoid these steps if you want to keep it happy.

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