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Jess feels lonely in the house because he is surrounded by females

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because its not jess house

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Why is does Jess fell lonely

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Q: Why is does Jess fell lonely?
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How do you describe about Jess on Bridge to Terabithia?

Jess is from a poor family and had lonely school days, getting bullied. When Leslie came, she gave him confidence and a wide imagination.

How do the members of the Aarons family (other than Jess) feel about Leslie?

how do the members of aarons family (other than jess) fell about leslie

How do the members of the Aarons family other than jess feel about leslie?

The other members of the Aarons family, particularly Jess's parents and sisters, exhibit mixed feelings towards Leslie. Jess's father, Jack, admires Leslie's creativity and spirit, while his mother, Mrs. Aarons, initially finds Leslie somewhat unsettling but ultimately grows to appreciate her. Jess's sisters, Brenda and May Belle, both develop close friendships with Leslie and cherish her presence in their lives.

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They give Jess a puppy for Christmas.

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