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In Pokémon Pearl, after beating Candice, head to Lake Acuity. You'll see your Rival and a Team Galactic Admin Jupiter battling. Jupiter leaves. Head to Veilstone City. Head over to the big black building in the back of the city, this is Team Galactic's Headquarters. Talk to the Team Galactic Grunt that's standing outside and he'll drop the Storage Key. Pick it up and head into the Warehouse area which is the area in which you picked up the Fly HM earlier in the game. Use the Storage Key to open up the door that is inside the Warehouse and you'll be allowed through. Go through the building and you'll eventually find the Galactic Key. Leave the Warehouse building and enter into the main doors of the Galactic Headquarters. Open the locked door on the first dor and proceed up the stairs. Continue through the building and you'll eventually do battle with Cyrus, the Boss of Team Galactic.

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Q: What do you do in Pokemon Pearl after you beat Candice?
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Who is Candice in Pokemon pearl?

Candice is the 7th/snowpoint city gym leader.

What do you do after you beat Candice Pokemon diamond?

get a girlfriend

The guy with the key isn't there in Pokemon Diamond and pearl to get in to HQ?

u need to beat Candice at snowpoint city and talk to Jupiter at lake acuity.

Where is Candice in snowpoint city?

In Pokemon pearl/platinum/diamond Candice is the 7th/snowpoint city gym leader.

What all Pokemon does leader Candice have in Pokemon pearl?

she has abomasnow, sneasel, snover andGOD KNOWS!

How do you get rock climb in Pokemon platinum?

beat gym leader Candice

How To Beat Pokemon Diamond?

the same way to beat Pokemon PEARL!!!!

How do get a black Charizard on Pokemon pearl without an action replay?

You have to Beat Prof.Oak and Beat him with a Pokemon with "Rough Pearl" Attached to it.

What gym leader do you need to fight to use the move rockclimb on Pokemon Diamond and pearl?


How do you beat Candice in Pokemon pearl?

You must use FIRE type Pokemon or you're in for a long battle. Fighting type is good too but don't use it against Froslass because that pokemons a ghost type and it wont have any effect.

What do you do after you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon Pearl?

finish your pokedex

How do you get into the hall of fame for Pokemon Pearl?

You have to beat the Pokemon League.