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You cannot get the Master ball back if you missed it at Team Aqua's Base. The base is blocked forever.

The only way is to win the lotto at Lilycove City by matching all the numbers. Then you will receive a Master Ball.

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Q: What do you do if you missed the masterball in sapphire?
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Where do you get masterball in sapphire?

The professor

How do you get a lot of masterball in Sapphire?

you can't

How do you get a masterball in Pokemon sapphire?

in team aquas hide out

Where can you find a masterball on pokemon sapphire?

In team aqua's hideout

What do you get if you win the lottery on Pokemon sapphire?

I am pretty sure you get a masterball.

How do you find a masterball in Pokemon Sapphire?

from your enemy teams base

How do you get 1 masterball in sapphire?

you will find one in team aqua's hideout

Pokemon sapphire how to catch legendary Pokemon?

You must either get a masterball from team aqua base or game corner. Then you must fight a legendary and throw the masterball right away.

How To Get Latias In Pokemon Sapphire?

u run into her in random places u well want to keep the masterball

Where and how to clone Master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

give a Pokemon the masterball and put it in the daycare with a ditto then it will be cloned!!!!!!

What do you do when you give the sapphire to Celio?

fire red: after you give the sapphire to celio, now you can trade with Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald

How do you get a master ball in sapphire on your ga meboy?

There is only one masterball in sapphire and to get it you need to be through a lot of the game. The only place to get it is in team Aquas Hideout. Oh, there is one other place which is Lilycove Department store, where you can draw a lottery. Match all 5 numbers and you win a masterball.