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You beat the game.

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Q: What do you do after you get the last map piece on castaway?
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Where to get the last peace of the map on sim's castaway ds?

u get it from da dr.

How do you obtain the plans to make a bamboo fishing pole in sims castaway ps2?

I need it to catch the tiger shark to obtain my last piece of the treasure map, but I don't seem to have the plans for it, can anyone help?

Sims 2 Castaway where is the last treasure map piece ps2?

You have to fish a shark with your fishing pole, on the last island. Hope it helps, Madalyn96 xx RE: You can aalso fix the thingy in the valacano place. Then go to the new island it will be there XD Maymay24 to find the seventh and eighth treasure piece is to do a ceremonial dive you will find a treasure map piece then you must catch a shark it will have the other half in the tidal pool.

Where is the last piece of the map on skullduggery?

it is not possible

Where can you find the last piece of map in horrible histories terrible Tudors?

You can find the map piece on William shakespeare grave next to the stage

When does the chimp give you the treasure map piece in sims 2 castaway ps2?

You'll have to become good friends with one of the chimpanzees and then ask it to gather something. The chance that it will give you a map instead of what you asked for is random.

What do you do with the map in Sims 2 Castaway?

It can "teleport" you where you want.

What do you do after the treasure map is crafted in dims castaway ps2?

find it

Where is the middle piece of the treasure map in sims castaway?

Idk that's The same one im stuck on but when i find it i will report back. $!T'$ B@RB!£ B!T€H$

How do you find the treasure?

You go to close by islands and find pieces of a map then you clear the pirate ship and you get the last piece of the map.

What do you do when you find the last piece to the map?

You build whatever you want on it! It's your prize island!

How do you find the secret hideout in Wild West Island?

Get all the pieces to the map (hint: the last piece is in the bank after the gang destroys it.)