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ok, first of all, not oak. ELM. and second, READ WHAT HAPPENS IN THE GAME. this is so simple that i cant believe you dfont know. ok, so you've gottten your starter, go west to the route. keep going west until you reach cherrygrove. if you havent talking to your mom, you will not be able to go west. get yoiur running shoes from the old fart and head north. keep going norrth until you reach a house, go inside, BLAH BLAH BLAh. exit and go south to cherrygrove, after, go east and vs your rival. then youll get a call from elm and he says for you to hurry to his lab. so lets go to his lab, once your there something happens BLAH BLAH BLAH and then you can just continue the game and head west to cherrygrove AGAIn. go north from cherrygrove and youll notice that theres an entrance to another route, enter there. keep following and youll end up in violet city, note that you don't need to go inside the dark cave, NOTHING IN THERE

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Q: What do you do after you get the Pokemon from professor oak on Pokemon soul silver?
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