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in pallet city < i think that's spelt wrong

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Q: Where is professor oak's lab in soul silver?
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Where is prof oaks lab in soul silver?

Get into pallet town

How do you get rock climb in soul silver to get to Blaine and its not after 16 BADGES?

after you defeat the Pokemon league go to professor oaks lab in pallet town talk to him then you will receive the hm rock climb

In Pokemon soul silver were do you get starter Pokemon?

You get it from Professor Elms Lab.

Can you go to professor oaks lab in Pokemon pearl?


What do you do after defeat red on Pokemon soul silver?

You have to go and talk to professor oak in his lab at kanto

Where is professor oaks lab in Pokemon heartgold?

Professor Oak's lab is Pallet Town. - Conoogle

Why does professor oak tell you to go to his lab in soul silver?

He tells you to visit him so he can give you pokemon.

What to do after beating the last gym leader in soul silver?

After beating Blue you go to Professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town.

How do you get trainer reds number?

Find if in his house near professor Oaks lab

Where can you catch Bulbasaur and Charmeleon in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you need to beat red at mt silver and go to professor oaks lab you can get either charmander bulbasaur or squirtle

Where can you find professor oaks lab in the game Pokemon diamond?

if you already have the national dex you can be able to go to his lab

Where can you find a Charmender in soul-silver?

After you beat the elite four and beat Pokemon trainer Red head to pallet town and go to professor oaks lab and he will give you a gift. The gifts are the three Kanto starters. Only problem is you can only choose one. One of them will be charmender. your welcome!