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I think you have to make Team Rocket break up.

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Q: What do you do after you get the 7 badge in SoulSilver?
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Where do you go after the seventh badge in pokemon soulsilver?


Where is the 7 bagde on Pokemon SoulSilver?

The 7th badge/gym is in Mahogany Town. The Gym Leader mainly has ice type pokemon.

How do you get the sixth gym badge in Pokemon SoulSilver?

i haht Pokemon soulsilver so live with it itiet

How do you get the seventh gym badge in SoulSilver?

beat pryce

How do you get the 16th gym badge in soulsilver?

beat blue to get it.

How do you get the fifteenth badge in SoulSilver?

defeat the fifteenth gym leader

Were do you get the fourth gym badge in the kanto region in Pokemon soulsilver?


How do you get Whitney from Pokemon SoulSilver to stop crying and give you the badge?

Once she starts to cry, talk to her again and she will give you the badge.

Where do you get the 7nth gym badge on Pokemon soulsilver?

the next gym is @ Mahogany Town

Who do you beat in soulsilver to get your sixth badge?

you need to beat jasmine in olivine city

How do you get the 6th badge from Kanto in Pokemon soulsilver?

You beat the 6th gym leader.

How do you get the badge that lets you use rock climb in soulsilver?

Beat the gym leader.