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u have to beat Morty and then you have to go to the dance center thing where the kimoto girls are and battle team rocket person then a man congratulates you and you get surf

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Q: What do you do after you get surf in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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Can the Pokemon chikorita learn surf in soul silver?

No, Chikorita is a grass type pokemon.

Were is the power staion in Pokemon soul silver?

its by cerulean and you need surf.

What route do you find tentacool in Pokemon soul silver?

if you have surf then anywhere with water

How do you get to the four islands if your Pokemon cant use the move surf in soul silver?

you need surf to get to the four ilsands

How do you ge to cinnabar island in Pokemon soul silver?

surf at the south of pallet town

How do get to cinnabar island in Pokemon soul silver?

From Pallet town surf South and it should be there.

How can you go in the water in soul silver?

By getting a water type Pokemon & teaching it surf

What HMS do you need to get to lugia in Pokemon soul silver?

You need Surf, Whirlpool , strength

Where is route 27 in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Surf east from New Bark Town.

How do you get to power plant in Pokemon Soul Silver?

head East of Cerulean City then surf a little.

On Pokemon soul silver how do you get the medicine for Yasminse Pokemon?

To get the medicine for the Olivine Lighthouse's Ampharos you must have a Pokemon that knows surf. Surf to Cianwood, get the medicine from the medicine shop, surf back to Olivine, and give the medicine to Ampharos.

In Pokemon soul silver how do you get to cinnabar islands gym?

surf through passage ways in front of the island